This content is maintained in a google document that the user can update at will.  

You can edit your content in google docs and have it appear on your web site like this.

You control the document, and can change it any time!  It is imported into your website automatically!

YOU have control over the content of your website and can update this content whenever you want!

Little owl will help you create your google doc file, but you can update it at any time to change it’s contents.

This content is fixed and coded into your website. It requires Little Owl to change the code to maintain it. It does not rely on getting the data from an outside source such as google for non-computer people, or CMS for more computer savvy people.

Any content you don't need to update regularly should be fixed and updated (quarterly, semi-annually, or annually) when you review your website and update it insuring a clean modern look at all times.

This content is fixed and coded into your website.

The data below is from a google spreadsheet YOU control update and maintain. Little Owl set up your spreadsheet so it appears correctly on your website.
Day of WeekNumberMultiplierCalculation